As you may be aware I love to change my hair colour ALL OF THE TIME in pictures. Whether I am representing a character or not, I just love the feeling it gives me to express myself and changing hair is a big part of that.
I have always been very disappointed however by the expense of wigs intended for cosplay. Not only that some of the long waiting times for delivery are really no good when you have something coming up within the next month. So I have made the decision to start stocking good quality affordable wigs that will be here in the UK ready to dispatch.

As this is a brand new venture for me within the realms of Lokis Locker I will be starting off with a few different limited stock styles to see which you like. I have my own personal taste but they may be far from everyone elses. I want to make sure that I get styles and colours in that everyone is happy with.

I have a lot ready to go up for sale on the site, so watch this space for updates! I will of course post links on social media so you never miss a new product.

While I am on the subject, if any of you purchase wigs and would like to be featured in a customer gallery please email your pictures to me at I would LOVE to see what you create with these! I may run some competitions in future I have a few ideas up my sleeve.

For now I shall leave it at that and thank you all so very much for your continuing support in my new ventures!

Lots of love

Ivy x