I had some amazing news when I was very kindly asked to participate in an affiliation with an awesome company called Teeblox.
I had the pleasure of receiving my very first package at the end of last month, and here is my first review!
I was able to choose which kind of Teeblox package I wanted and I opted for the Mixed Bag option, which is a random mix of shirt styles. It is so hard to choose they all look epic! As you can probably tell from the name, the product is based mainly upon the tshirt, and this is really all I expected in the pack.
When I received the package it was clear there was more in it and I was really excited by this. It is usually $9.99 a month which to me is great value just for a tshirt.
I found inside some stickers (Teeblox mascot and Wonder Woman), a comic (Angel themed), a HUGE poster (Game of Thrones themed) and the all important Guardians of the Galaxy tshirt.
I was surprised by the quality of the tshirt in a very good way. The material was so soft and the print literally pops out at you. I was very impressed with my first package. The small size fit perfectly and I will definitely be wearing this shirt very often!
A huge thank you to the guys for having me on board, and for allowing me to give you guys a massive 15% discount on your first month!
You can sign up for one yourself here and use the code IVYTENEBRAE for your discount.
I am also EXTREMELY excited to tell you I have a giveaway code for one free Teeblox for a very lucky follower! Details of how to apply to come!

Here is my video review of my teeblox