So…. I am probably the only person in the world right now who hasn’t seen Star Wars The Force Awakens… or at least it is beginning to feel that way!
I am going to have to wait for the crowds to die down or the DVD to come out (sucks to be me on my medication wah cry etc)
I decided instead to cheer myself up by making a post with a few links to some awesome Star Wars geekery!

Number one on my to get list has to be Star Wars Battlefront for PS4. I can’t believe I didn’t get it on the day it was released, I’m so slow! I still need it so maybe a little christmas treat I reckon.
If you fancy being immersed in the star wars world then you can get yours here

If you’re already on the dark side and have an Xbox One here’s your link

On my little Star Wars journey I also found one of these super cute BB-8 figures! ARGH! How much want can there be in this little fella!

And just when you thought you had enough of a fix check out this themed R2-D2 bop-it!! I wish I had put this on my christmas list now 🙁

Lastly, since it’s getting cold and a mug of hot chocolate may well be in order, I found this epic Darth Vader mug <3

I will probably add more to this as I find more things I want in my life. For now I hope you enjoy this little Star Wars fest I had 😀