I was recently sent two lovely pieces of laser engraved wooden art by a wonderful company called Spitfire Labs to review. They had emailed and asked me if I would like a sample of their work and of course I jumped at the chance having seen their website!
I was allowed to choose a few designs I liked and it was arranged that they would send me a custom Zelda NES Controller personalised with my name and one of their famous Death Star designs. I knew from images to expect a high quality of work, but I was not prepared for just how intricate they would be!
When I received the art pieces I was over the moon with them. I made a full video (which I will link in this mini blog review) because I had to get on film the sheer detail in the work. The custom Zelda NES controller has Ivy engraved in there which I will just cherish forever. It has recognisable designs from Zelda games all over it. It really is a staple for any fan of the NES and Zelda games. The Death Star is a limited edition piece. It is impossibly intricately detailed. I fell in love straight away. Any Star Wars fan would be ecstatic to call one of these their own. They are certainly worth every single penny, if not more!
I would say, if you are looking for an unusual, one of a kind, arty gift for a loved one that they will cherish forever (or even a special little piece for yourself) I highly recommend Spitfire Labs. Not only is the quality there in their pieces the packaging was superb and the customer service is second to none.
Check out the rest of their work here http://www.spitfirelabs.nyc/

If you would like a shufty at my full review then have a peek at my video over on youtube to get a proper in detail glance at these outstanding products https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGNe5XPcgEQ

I hope you enjoy the video, and if you get pieces for yourself or loved ones from SpitFire Labs please do show me your pictures and share your awesome experience with me 🙂 I love seeing their artwork!