I was asked recently by a company named Smile Sciences to try out their products for whitening teeth. I rarely smile in photographs, the main reason being I really dislike my teeth. I am always trying to get the best light so that they look whiter. I have always wanted to have teeth whitening done but it is expensive. With all my medical bills I could never have afforded to go and have it done, so I jumped at the chance to test out this product. I had the choice of either peppermint or bubblegum flavour and for me there was no contest… bubblegum all the way!

The product arrived very quickly from the usa. I opened the outer box to find a cute little sweet with the Smile Sciences logo. The main box, which was a gorgeous shade of pink with chrome detailing, was very professional looking and neatly contained all the items necessary for new pearly whites.


I read some reviews of similar products before I began, I was slightly nervous as some products had people commenting their not so successful stories (mainly I deducted from people who had not followed the instructions properly, this seemed to be an issue with a lot of products) but I went ahead and gave this one a chance.

I began by following the instructions to the letter and I removed the trays from the box. It was a surprisingly simple and straightforward process, I heated some water to the boil then let it cool for the time stated on the instructions which made them go all floppy. I then dipped the trays in for the allocated time and popped them in my mouth making sure to suck on them so all the air came out. They then got put in some ice cold water to make them set. You trim them down so they fit up to the gum line. That’s it!

I used the bubblegum whitening gel first you just pop that into the trays, put them in your mouth and hold the specially made light up to it. I did this for 30 minutes. There was no discomfort even though the box did contain a vitamin E cotton bud to wipe any excess gel that may get onto the gums I didn’t need it the tray was perfectly snug.


After the first session I was amazed! I went into this as an 11 on the chart and came back as an 8 straight away. The difference was immediately noticeable. I actually got tearful after seeing the results, then I couldn’t stop smiling! I cannot recommend this product enough! I have used it daily for five days now and I am currently at a 5, that’s a whole 6 shades lighter. I haven’t come to the end of my tube of gel for the gum guards yet so I am excited to see how white this can get my teeth. I have a little maintenance brush to use when I achieve the lightest shade with another preparation on it. I am so looking forward to using this long term and I intend to never be without it again!

darker teeth-Recovered

white teeth

The Smile Sciences package that I was sent is usually $299 (well worth every penny!) The lovely people at Smile Sciences have given me a code for anyone who wants to obtain whiter teeth like me at a HUGELY discounted price of $29. All you have to do is enter the discount code IVY8 to get yourself a professional whitening product in the comfort of your own home for an absolute steal. This code won’t always be available so grab yours before its gone if you’ve always wanted white teeth like me. I can finally smile with confidence again!