I was recently sent a large package of skin care goodies from Reviva Labs to review. I had been having issues with my skin looking lacklustre and tired, so when they offered I jumped at the chance.
It didn’t take long for the large package to arrive on my doorstep, I was impressed with the timeliness of the delivery. All the products were well packaged and wrapped in tissue paper. The containers themselves are a decent size, you don’t need to use much to get results so I am really happy that I will have a decent amount for future use.
Getting down to the details, the products I was sent are as follows:
Skin Brightener Day Creme 42g
Brown Spot Night Creme 42g
Brown Spot Brightening Night Creme 42g
Skin Brightener Fade Creme 42g
Brightening Facial Cleanser 118ml
Dark Spot Brightening Serum 29.5ml
As you can see this is a comprehensive set and I was ready for a full on beauty regime! The products themselves had a lovely consistency, they all made my skin feel instantly fresh. The cremes are a soft texture and aren’t oily which is something I hate when using facial products. The same goes for the cleanser, I often find there is a film left on my skin from some products, what a nice change to be left feeling refreshed. The brightening serum was easily absorbed and didn’t sit like jelly on my face like some other brands I have used.
I implemented these into my daily routine for 6 weeks. I cleansed twice a day, used the brightening fade creme, brightener day creme and brightening serum in the morning, then cleansed and used the brown spot night creme and brightening night creme at night. Reviva Labs claims you can see the difference in around 4 weeks, so giving it a good trial of 6 weeks, I can finally tell you the results!
After just a few days I started to see a difference in my skin. The tone was much more even and I started to see some change in the dark patches especially the troublesome area around my eyes. My skin now has much more elasticity and hydrated. I have had people point out that my skin looks better, which has led to me having much more confidence to go out without makeup. Yes, I have actually been outside without any makeup and even taken many more snaps make up free!! It was before unheard of, but I can honestly say I feel much more confident with the changes in my skin.
6 weeks on I can safely say I will be continuing with this routine. I can barely remember not using it now and I can’t imagine not using it in the future. Thank you Reviva Labs for such beautiful and truly effective products. It is lovely to come across a brand that does what it says.
The next product I will be investing in is a facial exfoliator, I am already planning on the next Reviva Labs product to add into my routine.

You can check out their full range of products for different skin troubles here https://www.revivalabs.com/