I was sent Resident Evil 7 to review recently by Gamestaar website here These guys are awesome, you should definitely check them out!

Now onto the review!

After the last couple of Resident Evil Games which left me hugely disappointed following the hours I put into number 4, I was hopeful from some of the things I’d read about this newest installment in the franchise.
I was not let down in the slightest. From start to finish the game felt taut with atmosphere. Resident Evil has restored it’s former glory in my heart and has well and truly been revived. I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish and couldn’t wait to pick up my pad again to progress. It has been a while since a game has engrossed me as much as this one has.
There’s a mixture of puzzle solving and violent blood and gore scenes that would satisfy any die hard fan of the series. The puzzles are a little on the easy side, they have definitely simplified this aspect. If they carry on in this vein with future games and improve on this there is little else I would complain about. My only other gripe was that I found the main battle at the end again a little easy in comparison the other boss fights throughtout the game. Again as a first foray into this style of Resident Evil it is in my opinion a huge success.
This game has elements which draw your mind back to the early games such as the mansion setting, it had the same eeriness as Resident Evil 1. When Redfield makes an appearance it leaves you wondering is this Chris? Why is he in an Umbrella Corporation helicopter? Questions I belive will be answered in the upcoming DLC.
The new innovative style truly suits this franchise. It is definitely still a Resident Evil game at heart, but it has managed to grow with the times.
I particularly liked the little hints given in main fights should you succumb to the current nemesis (Jack in particular was a terrifying opponent).
There were hints of Alien: Isolation in the game with the tracker and enemies stalking the corridors. Some of the corridors in the house strongly reminded me of the P.T. demo which garnered huge praise for its intense atmosphere. This was not a bad thing in the slightest! The horrifying Molded and the disturbing Baker family, coupled with timely creepy audio truly gives you that unsettling feeling something will jump out and dismember you at any moment.
Ammo and health can be sparse at times so unloading everything at once, as tempting as that may be is not something I would advise! The sight of a headshot to a Molded is, however, a gruesome and satisfying experience.
I played this game with my pad but I can only imagine the horror felt in V.R. and if you have the means to access it this way I would totally recommend it. There are certain parts which, with the view perspective, are nothing short of terrifying. Make sure you’ve plenty of clean underwear nearby!

Check out some of the highlights for me in this video below:

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