I have been asked how I made my Poison Ivy costume… so here is a simple guide to making your own – it’s easy!
1. I bought a plain green body suit from play.com the one below was only £8.00

2. I bought sprigs of artificial ivy from hobby craft, they don’t have to be expensive ones, I bought a mixture of types to give my outfit a varied texture.
3. I sewed the base of each leaf to the front of the costume so they could still move about easily and the material was still able to stretch.
4. I bought a red wig from ebay (you do not have to spend a lot of money to buy a decent quality wig, mine was £6.99!) 
5. I have some red shoes which I covered in glue and carefully rolled in glitter.
6. I bought slightly lighter green tights again from ebay.
7. I glued mini ivy leaves to black hair grips and clipped them in randomly. (I used the ones below from hobby craft)
8. To make the bracelet I took some thick cotton and threaded ivy leaves onto it then tied it onto my wrist. 
9. To make the spider ring I bought blank ring backs (from ebay they are extremely cheap) and used a glue gun to stick a glittery halloween fake spider decoration on.
The outfit turned out really nice and was not expensive to make.
For my makeup I kept with the green theme and used silver to highlight the inner corners of my eyelids. I mixed gold in as a highlight above and below my eyes and used lots of layers of mascara. I used liquid liner to draw on the eyebrows and swirls. I kept the lipstick red to match the hair and shoes.