I have been working on some images for an awesome latex company called Plastic Kat Latex for halloween and I am loving it so far!

I want to start sharing more of what I love make up and fashion wise with you all and what better way to begin than with one of my beloved creative shoots wearing latex!

For this I got to do some crazy makeup and spooky effects, basically let my inner goth loose 🙂 The first thing I have to mention is how meticulous the wrapping of the items was. It was one of the most well cared for packages of latex I have ever seen. There was a perfect amount of protection on each piece, so if you ever order from them you know it will arrive in pristine condition!

I first shot the latex gloves with stitches on them. This is applique. The gloves are transparent latex which is a nice extra touch. They were easy to get on, some latex is not so much. I decided (since the theme of the company and another outfit in the package I was sent were kitties) that I would go for a cat look for this. I carried on the stitches theme with my make up, I was hoping for a broken stuffed toy kitten look. Here is one of the images

Plastic Kat Latex Halloweenx

Secondly I shot an amazing kitten outfit. It includes ears hairband, gloves with applique paws and bodysuit with applique tummy fur and tail. It was so adorable I could hardly cope. I still have a few images of this to sort out. I thought using milk as a prop would be a good idea… but wow can it get messy! I was super super careful that it didn’t touch the precious latex though! Here is one shot of the kitten outfit

Plastic Kat Latex Halloween

And last but by no means least I got to get my hex on!!! I decided to hell with it and be a witchety one! I loved it. The green dress I was sent lent itself to this swimmingly. It fit so well, like a complete glove. I got to get my witches hat on and cast some stealthy spells on peeps 🙂 In all seriousness it was fun. Here is one of the completed images

Plastic Kat Latex Halloween

I really hoped you enjoyed my little blog about my Plastic Kat Latex Halloween! If you want me to post blogs more regular pop me a comment below, if people are interested I will be much more active <3 Love and ghostly kisses! Ivy x