Hi everyone!

I hope to have caught some of you on my uber short stream last night (Apologies for that I have been under the weather – nothing fresh there!!) If I did thank you for joining me, eternal love mwah mwah mwah.

Ok, so firstly I have a TONNE of work I’m ploughing through. The last Patreon packs will be making their way out very shortly, hoping they will be ending on a high note and that you enjoy those!

I have some awesome affiliation offers coming in which I am very excited about. Look out for a couple of belated unboxing videos (I have a good excuse in that I have moved my studio rooms about, I have a bigger space now yay!)

I am also going to be streaming more, if you haven’t feel free to pop in and chat when you see me tweet I’m online. You can find me here

I am also working on Lokis Locker, I want to share all the things I love to wear and make it available as affordable as I can to everyone 🙂 I really hope you enjoy that I’ve really been enjoying sourcing some cool stuff! My little pet project can be found here

Since Patreon has ended I will be filling the store up with in stock prints, creating an option for requests where you can customise what you would like a print of and offering one off polaroid pictures in store! I want to take the time to keep up more with this blog and share more things with you all 🙂

At the moment, hence the title, I have just found out this morning that my white blood cell count has dropped significantly 🙁 My treatment is still going on so just wanted to put it out there that I need everyone’s fingers crossed that this is just a transient viral infection and not a reflection of some more serious side effect from my medicine. Seriously good luck is needed! I cannot update with any more information on that side of things until I get hold of my consultant in London, and that is like tracking down a needle in a haystack. I am pretty wiped out and had some horrendous symptoms lately, so just wanted to finish by saying I am truly sorry if I am slow in responding or things take longer than usual. I am juggling a lot under not the best circumstances, but you guys are so awesome, always stick by me through it and I want to say a HUGE thank you!

Lots of love always

Ivy xxx