My Awesome Night Light

I popped a picture up of my gorgeous new mushroom night light and so many people commented asking where I got it from! So I am going to pop a quick link up on here. Be careful going for cheaper options, it might look good but a lot don’t have a UK plug socket on them, be warned! It’s worth the extra to get it all ready and working without the messing of purchasing an adapter 🙂

When I first plugged mine in I thought I’d broken it lol but it actually turns out it has a light sensor so as soon as it goes dark it automatically comes on. IT’S SO FREAKING AMAZING!!! I spent ages holding my finger over the sensor making it switch on and off… small things amuse my tiny mind :’)

Anyway without further ado here is the much enquired about night light!!

Afraid of the dark? Need some mood lighting? Get your mushroom night light here!