I have recently had a problem with latex I bought off a designer… well numerous problems to be exact and people have been asking me who this designer is. I was not going to name however after being sent the final message today and then being made aware of a status which at the same time mentioned ‘punching’ a customer and had a sly dig at my status on my fan page about Bizarre Magazine I think it is only fair that people see what has actually gone on! This is not my opinion you can read for yourself the correspondence as I have screen shot each the messages. The blacked out boxes are my email address and the designers postal address.
I would finally like to add that I have three witnesses to the trying on of the garment one of whom designs and produces latex themselves who saw the garment fall apart. I’ve spoken directly to two other ladies since then who have had the same problem with this designer, in fact one had the exact messages in return that I have had.