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Tom Hardy Mad Max


Had to be done… My boyfriend is in love with Tom Hardy so this can’t go amiss! Tom showing what stupid questioning achieves at a press conference, that reporter possibly looks like the dumbest guy on earth now…

Had To Laugh….


Found this gem on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NsmKQyXExQU To be fair Jack Nicholson’s boots are a huge role to fill… I shall reserve judgement on this one however it’s different to say the least!

NEW SITE!! Welcome!


I’ve been saying I would get my very own site for quite a while now… well I’m so excited to be able to welcome you guys here! I hope this will become a hub for all of my…

New Limited Edition Eye Of Horus Ankh T Shirt Design

clothing, fashion

I have been working on new projects recently and am super excited to show you this tshirt!! I totally love the design, I have been a huge fan of Egyptian mythology since being a child, this I thought…

Tifa Lockhart Final Fantasy VII Cosplay

cosplay, gaming, model

I have a very close friend who adored this character, Tifa Lockhart, he actually persuaded me to give cosplay a go properly a few months back. I made this outfit myself from scratch so was quite proud of…

Cosplay Poison Ivy

blog, cosplay, model

So, as you can probably tell from my assumed name, I’m a bit of a Poison Ivy fan. I was super happy to rock out the Ivy bikini outfit once more! Took me ages to hand sew those…

Jessica Rabbit Cosplay

cosplay, model, prints

I have been busy working away behind the scenes lately, much of the time I have experienced pretty severe health problems, but I have managed to complete a small series of images which I may elaborate on in…



With the film Maleficent out I recently collaborated with an amazing designer Hysteria Machine https://www.facebook.com/HysteriaMachine?ref=ts&fref=ts and used her horns for a series of themed shoots. She does the most wonderfully creative headpieces! This is just a taste! Hope you…

Judas Christ


I have been busy working on images for the very talented Judas Christ page here https://www.facebook.com/judaschristclothing She creates custom pieces from your favourite bands! I am a huge metal fan so this is a dream to me!! I now know where…

Ivy Tenebrae Model Social Media

links, model

I have started the mountainous mission of sorting through my various social media *ARRGGHH* between hashtags and links and shares and likes etc my mind is boggled. I have decided I must become a little more savvy… so…